Thanksgiving is almost here, and we can already predict exactly the hustle and bustle happening at your house on Thanksgiving Day.

To keep the family entertained, Savored Moments Travel recommends trying out a Never Have I Ever game — the Thanksgiving edition. Don’t forget to take a savored-moment photo with your score and tag us on our social media accounts, Instagram or Facebook. Or you may use the hashtag #savoredmomentstravel 🙂

Here are 10 Never Have I Ever Checklist that you can try to cross out on Thanksgiving Day.

  1. Roasted a turkey
  2. Volunteered on Thanksgiving
  3. Combined two (or more) squash to make a pie
  4. Taken a walk after the Thanksgiving feast
  5. Cooked for 5 hours straight
  6. Taught a family to cook
  7. Made an all-organic holiday meal
  8. Did a family tradition during Thanksgiving
  9. Decorated with something from the outside
  10. Watched a football game with family/friends
thanksgiving day