Main Image Credit: Northern Thailand’s Terraced Hillsides; courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand

Do you love to travel, but the thought of the TSA security lines and the long waits at US Immigration and Customs are holding you back? I have a great tip to simplify your life – it’s called Global Entry.

I recently enrolled myself and was amazed at how simple and efficient the process was. Now, whenever I travel by air, I can use the TSA PreCheck lines at security which move so much quicker because you are not required to strip (belts, jewelry and even shoes can stay where they belong!) or remove your laptop and toiletry baggie from your carry-on luggage. Then, if I am traveling Internationally, I can bypass the long lines at Passport control upon my return to the U.S. and simply scan my passport at a Global Entry kiosk, which also checks my fingerprints and takes a very flattering “selfie.” If I am cleared, a receipt prints and I can simply flash it to an immigration officer as I walk briskly to claim my luggage and head home.

The application process is very easy and fast. I filled out the online application, paid the $100 fee (good for 5 years and reimbursed by some high-level credit cards) and within 3 days, I received an email telling me I was approved and invited to set up an appointment at the closest participating airport. I did have to wait about 3 weeks for a convenient appointment time at Charlotte-Douglas Airport, but I hear that other airports have shorter waits. On the day of the appointment, you take your Passport, Driver’s License and approval letter to the Global Entry office and have a 10-minute interview with an agent. He asked me a few questions about my past travels and fingerprinted me and then told me that I was approved. I received my official card in the mail within 5 days. EASY-PEASEY! You can also apply for Global Entry for your children. It would be sad to not be able to breeze through Immigration because your kids weren’t included!

Are you ready to simplify YOUR life and become a member of the Global Entry elite? Click here to get started.

And don’t forget to tell them that Savored Moments Travel sent you! We’d love to help you plan that first getaway to try out your new perks.

Elephant Owner At Patara With Private Transfers

Designed for those who want to learn about and interact with elephants as an elephant owner would, the program teaches you how to approach your elephant, discern the elephant’s temperament, feed it and check its health. You will also learn how to take care of your own elephant, bathe and brush it in the river, how to ride on its neck, and communicate through different spoken commands.

Once you’ve learned about the elephants, you will get a chance to ride bareback on one of these magnificent creatures. Then, you will visit a local temple to learn about elephants in relation to Buddhist beliefs as well as how elephants are regarded by Thai people. Continue on to a waterfall where you will enjoy a refreshing moment in/around the water with your elephant.

The Patara Elephant Camp has rescued elephants from unsuitable living conditions – circuses, logging camps, etc. – and has nursed them back to health. To date, this camp has released eight elephants back into their natural habitat.

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Lunch at the Never Ending Summer Cafe in Bangkok

This is our group traveling with the Tourism Authority of Thailand

Lunch in Bangkok

Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mia

I named him Big Al, of course!

Patara Elephant Farm

The beautiful Four Seasons Chiang Mai

Relaxing by the pool

Poolside Four Seasons Chiang Mai

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